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Bazi Consultation


What is Bazi?  

Bazi (八字), is an advanced system developed by the early Chinese scholars and astronomers based on the Five Elements Theory, refined over thousands of years with statistics and records. Bazi literally means eight characters in Chinese. It is also sometimes call four (4) pillars of destiny.Birth year, month, day and time, each one constitute to one pillar and in each pillar there are 2 characters (Heaven Stem and Earth Branch).

Why Bazi Analysis?

Bazi analysis helps you understand yourself better, which aids in making better choices in life. After the analysis, you will be equipped with key knowledge for adjusting your perspectives and changing your attitudes, having realistic expectations and being prepared for any situation. Also, you will be equipped with the knowledge of tapping the right timing in life.

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Private Consultation Available

Call +6012-9089914 / +603-74944884 or email for further information.

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