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Bazi Practitioner Mastery Program

Also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny, this conceptual idea is believed to have strong Chinese, Japanese and Korean roots. It is an analytical study of the four main components surrounding a person and how his/her unique personal details—time, day, month and year of birth—can reveal information about their personal behaviour, identity and life destiny.

The direct translation of this study means ‘Eight Characters of Birth Time’ or better known as BaZi in Chinese Astrology, which is a widely practiced method in understanding and calculating one’s birth right information to derive a destiny analysis that highlights a person’s strengths and weaknesses.


In this 5-part course, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals and basics of BaZi and to understand its role as a ‘blueprint’ of one’s life and destiny

  • To understand the concept of destiny, its key roles and how it impacts one’s life

  • To understand how ‘birth data’ can be translated into information that can be used to determine a person’s path in life

  • The core principles and values surrounding this study and how you can apply it your day-to-day

  • To obtain the pre-requisites required for understanding destiny charts

  • How to read the charts under professional guidance and eventually plot your own ten-year lucky pillars

  • Methods and rules of application by plotting destiny charts for others in a supervised practical session.

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