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Cole Yap

“I believe happiness shows through my work (and my words). I seek to inspire people through my dedication in the ancient art of Tarot and Chinese Metaphysics; when you can use your passion to help others, I consider that a job well done!” – Cole Yap

About Me:

Leaving his love for words behind for greener pastures, ex-copywriter Cole Yap now spends his time working in established Malaysian TV Networks. Having gone through many personal life experiences has given Cole the motivation to gain new insights and taking charge of his destiny, hence mastering the art of Tarot under the guidance of Jessie Lee. What started out as a passion, has now escalated for him; Cole is now a certified tarot consultant.


Cole enjoys seeking new adventure, traveling the world and translating his journey into words for various magazines. His thirst for knowledge doesn’t stop at Tarot reading – Cole has also explored the many aspects of Metaphysics including Face Reading, Palm Reading, Feng Shui and Tasseography.

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