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Sam Chen

“It’s easy to feel lost in this big, demanding world we live in. Sometimes all people need is a little help with navigating their lives back on course, and I’m glad I can be that source of guidance to them.” – Sam Chen 

About Me:

Dubbed the ‘tech whiz’ of the team, Sam Chen is a Computer Studies graduate turned professional IT consultant, who currently spends most of his working hours at the DBS Bank IT office. When he’s not busy solving problems involving cyberspace, you’ll find him on the other extreme as a professional Tarot reader and certified analyser through Bazi, both of which stemmed from personal interests since 2010.

His foray into the world of metaphysics started off as a means of having better control over his life, which over time, developed into a channel through which he converts his skills into sound solutions for others because for him, there is no greater satisfaction than the joy can you bring into someone’s life.

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