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Stephanie Lai

“My personal spiritual journey inspires me to be of better service to others. Reaching out, helping those in search of clarity and making a difference in their lives are key drivers to why I do what I do.” – Stephanie Lai

About Me:

An unplanned journey of self-discovery and decoding her very own destiny and spiritual enlightenment led the CIMA-trained Accountant to switch career paths to Sales & Marketing in 2001; a major turning point, which little did she know at the time, would present her with a new set of challenges in both aspects of life and work. 

Keeping with the right attitude and a positive mindset, not only did Stephanie equip herself with lessons she picked up along the way from coaches and mentors she’d have the privilege to meet, but also embarked on her personal journey in Chinese Metaphysics in 2010, particularly in the understanding of the Cosmic Trinity of Heaven, Earth & Man Luck and the importance of timing, environmental or resource and personal will, which all come into play with one’s actions and decision making process.

These valuable lessons have over the years driven her to dive deeper into these studies and inspire her to deepen her life purpose by reaching out to make a positive change in others’ lives so they can find the clarity that she too, once sought out.

Aside from her professional knowledge in BaZi, Face Reading, Flower Reading, Fengshui and Auspicious Date Selections, Stephanie is also passionate about Tarot and Oracle Card readings, both of which have given her abundance of guidance and meaning in her life.

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