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Tan Hue Yee

“I truly believe everything happens for a reason – just as how life has led me on this path, I find no greater joy than being able to help others through what I do now, and to empower them to lead more meaningful lives.” – Tan Hue Yee

About Me:

Some say life’s challenges can make or break you. For Hue Yee, turning the pain she experienced from a string of relationship and career challenges about 10 years ago, into power through Chinese Metaphysics, was one of the best decisions in her life. With a deeper understanding of the self and the time to gain clarity in her life, were starting points of Hue Yee’s foray into a career as a professional consultant on the side.

An accomplished digital marketing specialist by day, Hue Yee is also an expert Tarot Card reader with 7 years of experience up her sleeve. Her friendly, approachable demeanour and a genuine interest in getting to know her clients contribute to her positive track record of successful readings thus far.

Apart from exceptional listening skills and a personal mission to help as many people gain clarity and solutions and direction in life, you can find the avid fan of Korean culture reading inspirational books for continued self-improvement, honing her digital marketing skills for work or singing her heart out to her favourite tunes in her downtime!

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