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Life Coach


Jolston Ng – Soleil Trinity’s Co-founder, Entrepreneur & Transformational Life Coach

“All of us have the capacity to make life-affirming choices. I believe with the right transformational tools and guidance; anyone can be empowered to create more meaningful and intentional lives for themselves.” – Jolston Ng

There is an unmistakable presence about Jolston. Not your run of the mill Director-Entrepreneur, he is as sharp professionally as he is sensitive on a personal level. With a keen passion for all things business and a huge heart for people, you’ll spot him methodically working a room, making time to connect with everyone across levels – genuinely interested in their lives, whilst also checking in on minute details about them, which he impressively recalls.


Trailblazing the business world by day, and Soleil Trinity’s resident self-development guru at all other times, Jolston is also a Certified NLP Master Coach and Practitioner, Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and a Transformation / Life Coach. Juxtaposing over 20 years of vibrant media, start-up and retail experience with the importance of self-development for the inner psyche, he specializes in coaching business owners and corporate clients alike who are seeking out transformational experiences to fuel their professional growth and personal expansion.


When off-duty, home and hearth is ultimately where it is for Jolston. Despite wearing many hats, he is always first a son, husband and a father to his two children, and enjoys spending his downtime going on nature hikes, or deepening his knowledge in all things business and finance, psychology and spiritual studies.

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