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Face & Palm Reading


What is Palm Reading or Palmistry?

The art of palm reading, commonly referred to as palmistry, is based on the idea that you can tell someone's future based on the imprints and markings found on the palm of their hands.

Lines on the palm may either be large and thick, or thin and small. Mounts, markings and how the lines cross or interact with one another on both of the hands are considered when reading a palm. In some cases characteristics of the arm, fingers and nails will also be considered when determining the future and characteristics of the person whose palm is being read.

A person's hands are imprinted with many markings from birth while others appear as the hands grow and change, so in many cases palm reading focuses more on how these lines interact rather than what the lines look like. These relationships can be used to determine health, mental, emotional and physical characteristics which can have an impact on a person’s life.

What is Face Reading?

Have you ever wondered if you will achieve great wealth, if your marriage stays long and fruitful, or if you have the potential to be a great doctor, writer or movie star? The answers may be, literally, ‘written’ all over your face.

The ancient Chinese art of face reading is over 2500 years old, and it was documented as long ago as the time of the Yellow Emperor. By looking at person’s face and the features on it, the reader gets a lot of information: the character of the person, the potential, disposition, creativity, and whether the person is fortunate or not so fortunate. 

No feature is good or bad. The question to be asked is “What is it good for?” The nose, for example, represents wealth, but just as the display of wealth takes different forms, the shape of the nose can show the potential for generosity, lavishness, thrift, greediness or accumulation. The key here is to know your own strengths and weaknesses. One thing to take note 相由心生 which means your looks changes with your heart, what is inside may eventually be reflected on the outside.

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