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The Practical Art of Face Reading 

Face reading, also known as the practice of physiognomy, has a unique history that dates back to centuries in time, and was pioneered in the early days by Chinese medical practitioners.


Essentially, it is an ancient art of learning the language of the face. Every facial feature such as the eyes and the distance between each other, the nose, lips, cheekbones and their individual shapes, structure of the jawline, down to the placements and sizes of each beauty spot or mole on the face, can reveal specific qualities about a person as well as a series of events that is happening or about to unfold in one’s life.


As with a language, face reading is valuable asset because it offers you insights into your own character, as well as helps you quickly understand the traits and characteristics of the people around you. And with the right knowledge, face reading is a tool that can visibly improve your communication with others as well as your quality of life in various aspects including relationships, romance, career, family and more.


In this 3-day only workshop, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals and importance of face reading

  • The highlights and elements of the face including the ‘Five Mountains’ and ‘Five Officers’ (Ears, forehead, eyes, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, philtrum, fa ling, mouth as well as the chin and jaw)

  • Detailed observation methods and tips to apply what you have learned.

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