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 I believe each and every one of us are put in this world for a good reason, and my goal is to empower people to seek their true purpose, while making the best out of their personal talents and time. The turn of emotions during my consults and unlocking these feelings for others are some of the most meaningful parts of what I do.” – Cindy Chew


If you know Cindy Chew Ai Mei, you’ll understand why her curiosity has led her to embark on her metaphysics adventure five years ago. The naturally inquisitive talent has since specialised in Bazi, Feng Shui, Auspicious Date Selection, Face and Moles Reading, Palm Reading and Divination studies including both the Tarot and Oracle cards as well as Tea Leaves and Coffee Ground reading. You’ll also find Cindy providing individual consultations both locally and internationally, and has collected a string of Malaysian clientelle in her years of consulting including Lainege, Slimming Sanctuary, Star Cruise,Mont Blanc, Elken and Artista.