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“My unique, grounded upbringing and the rich exposure I’ve enjoyed throughout my childhood has helped shaped my character, interest and abilities. I like that my strength in Tarot card, Face and Palm reading allows me to not just connect with people, but also help them do better in life.” – Ann Naomi Wong

One thing for certain, Ann Naomi Wong is not your average Millennial. At just 18 years old, the eldest daughter to Soleil Trinity’s Founder, Jessie Lee, is a rising star to watch in both the Eastern and Western fields. Born into a family of temple caretakers, Ann’s path was destined to be unique from the get-go.

And unlike children who spent their free time at play, Ann was already volunteering in temples from a young age and continued to devote most of her off days and school breaks giving back to the community in this meaningful way. Beyond the temple, Ann continued to hone her people skills by racking up experience in retail sales but that’s not all – she’s also good with children and privately tutors primary school kids on the side.

In her time at the temple, Ann mastered the art of Tarot card, Face and Palm reading and was officially assigned to reading jobs at events as soon as she completed her SPM examinations. With the wisdom and maturity beyond her age, Ann was also a consultant assigned to the biggest property Expo in East Malaysia, the Sarawak Housing and Real Estate Developer Association (SHEDA) Expo 2018, held in Kuching, Sarawak – her biggest feat to date, which she confidently took in her stride. She has also consulted at various major on-ground events including Centro Mall Klang’s Chinese New Year event and The Greatest Showman Movie Premier Night at GSC Pavilion KL.

Blazing her own trail, this hardworking and bright academic has also scored herself a scholarship and is currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Xiamen University, with the aim to major in acupuncture.

Just when you think this young lady cannot be any more talented, Ann is also a certified Grade 8 Classical Piano player, a Rhythmic Tap Dancing instructor and performer, a competitive drum player, representing her University in her own time, and even plays the traditional Chinese Guzheng instrument as a hobby. And the impressive thing for a young achiever like Ann is, this is just her beginning and the best you’ll see and hear from her is yet to come.