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Jessie Lee is the owner and founder of Soleil Trinity Resource; a professional Chinese Metaphysics boutique consultancy in Malaysia, specialising in all aspects of Tarot Card reading, Bazi consultation, Palm and Face reading, Feng Shui consultation and Auspicious Date selection.  


     Her personal spiritual journey sparked in her early teens, where she was exposed to the various studies of classical Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Bazi, Face reading, Date Selection and Yi Jing as well as Tarot Readings, all fields in which she is professionally trained and certified.


     With over 20 years of diverse experience in the industry, Jessie continues to spearhead spiritual guidance sessions, workshops and classes for both the local and international audience in Hong Kong, London, Australia and the United States of America. As the largest Tarot Reading force in Malaysia, Jessie has now extended her classes to a strong following of students in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.


     Her vast knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics is complemented by her charismatic persona, which resonates strongly off on and off stage, making her a household favorite for various major corporate functions and roadshows, official opening ceremonies, gala dinners as well as other private events.


     Also the author of the book ‘If The Shoe Fits’, Jessie is no stranger to the media. A regular voice and face on the local airwaves and small screens including MelodyFM, Astro and NTV7, you’ll find Jessie in local dailies and glossies sharing her experience and success in the industry.


     With a personal and genuine interest of meeting and understanding people, Jessie upholds her professional principle, which is to translate her valuable skills and knowledge into empowering others towards realising their full potential in life en route to achieving ultimate happiness.