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“I love the profound insights and clarity one gets through Tarot reading, but what’s even better is being able to share my gift with others, guiding them to make better choices for a quality life.” 
– Khoo Ai Yng 

When you think of hobbies, naturally the standard list comes to mind: everything from working out to even painting perhaps? But not for Khoo Ai Yng, who walks down the unbeaten path of past times by choosing the art of Tarot reading as her main creative outlet. With a full-time managerial position in an oil & gas industry, Ai Yng balances her venture into the fast-paced corporate world by connecting herself spiritually through what started as a hobby and has now flourished into a meaningful side-line profession for her. 


But that’s not the last that you’ll hear of this professional Tarot reader; always armed with her stack of cards and a winning smile, Ai Yng is also building her knowledge on life and destiny decoding through Bazi, skills which she’ll soon be adding on to an already impressive resume.