Tarot Card Consultation




Let’s begin by shedding some light on the true meaning of the art and practice of Tarot. But before we do, take a minute to think or visualise what Tarot means to you and what automatically comes to mind when the subject arises.   


It is quite okay if you silently think Gypsies at fun fairs with ‘magic’ crystal balls or surges of electricity firing across the room coupled with an exchange of supernatural activity with the afterlife. Truth is, it’s nothing quite as dramatic as the above. So, out with the overactive imagination and in with the facts!  


So, what is Tarot really all about?  Think of Tarot as a ‘window’ for you to take a sneak peek into what’s ahead of you, after which, it also acts as a ‘mirror’ where it takes you on a journey of self discovery; may it be about your thoughts or aspirations through a deeper self-reflection exercise. In short, it is essentially the art of communicating with our inner selves – our subconscious minds if you will, and letting them project their interpretations through a proper Tarot card reading.   


Many times, it could be the case where someone is at the crossroads of a relationship, career, finance, health or life conundrum and need a little help with solving the ‘where do I go from here’ dilemma, but it’s also imperative to realise that the Tarot does not give you the direct word-for-word answers you seek. It’s not going to say ‘choose this man and live happily ever after or be more pro-active at work and you will get that promotion and big pay rise!’   


How the Tarot really works is by tapping an individual’s inner self, as we mentioned earlier, to translate the thoughts that are going through one’s subconscious mind and revealing them through a reading.   



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