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“My biggest motivation for being a professional Tarot reader is knowing that my passion helps people make changes in their lives for the better, and they too, can be happier.” 
– Vivienn Lee


Don’t think of pulling a fast one on Vivienn Lee! This Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) holder is a sharp Mathematics teacher at a private school by day and in her own time; Vivienn extends her intellect into the realms of Tarot and Bazi. An expert certified reader in both fields, there’s no slowing down for this hard-worker. Vivienn is currently honing her skills and knowledge in the ancient art of Face Reading, under the professional tutoring of Jessie Lee. 


Vivienn is readily available for private Tarot and Bazi consultations, but off-duty, you can find her traversing bookstores for a good read, scouring the malls for some quality retail therapy or hopping on the next flight out of the country to satisfy the wanderlust in her!