April 2020

Confidently Facing These Challenging Times


“The universe is seeming really huge right now. I need something to hold on to.” – E. Lockhart, Writer


The covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Though yes, the pandemic can be explained via the elements of the year – namely if we look at the elements and energies of the Metal Rat plus other divinative tools such as the YiJing – its effects on our lifestyles, work-style and world-order is unprecedented. However, despite having to restrict our movement, freedom in travel & overall physical interaction, we are really “forced” with a tremendous opportunity to do the intense self-reflection that the universe overall has been pushing us to do from 1-2 years ago.


It is in the major ways that things are changing or even crumbling that are giving us the final clues as to what we need to change, alter or remove in order to get to the next level of existence. We can no longer be in denial. We can no longer let things persists in ways that hamper our growth as spiritual beings - even if convenience is sacrificed, even to the extent that we have to lose it all…in order to start anew in new directions that can ultimately lead to a better existence.


“Close scrutiny will show that most ‘Crisis Situations’ are opportunities to either advance, or stay where you are.” – Maxwell Maltz, Author (Psycho-Cybernetics)


As I write this, we are wrapping up the 2nd week of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in the effort to “flatten the curve” of covid-19 in Malaysia; in effect until Apr 14. It’s a familiar scenario is many other parts of the world, albeit in varying degrees. The Metal Dragon month (from Apr 5 to May 4) is essentially in harmony with the Metal Rat year. On one hand, the Dragon being the storage of Yin Water (essentially the qi contained in the Rat sign) signifies a better containment of the Rat qi and thus its effects overall – indicating a  stronger likelihood of containment of the coronavirus.


However, as the Yang Metal element of the Metal Rat is doubled also (in the Metal Dragon month), this indicates that the 1st half of April will likely not see improvement (potentially with the virus situation peaking). With metal being the element representing grief & anxiety (hence leading to further fear & panic) and the powerful Supermoon of the Full Moon on April 7/8, emotions will be further heightened; triggering issues, fears and insecurity.


It is supremely important to face and process these feelings & admit what they are telling you. Whether it’s that major change in life structure that’s way overdue, that negative behavior/attitude that’s needs to be destructed or even a business (or career) that needs to be folded…NOW is the time to be decisive and take firm action! Be careful not to get lost in the chaos and confusion & stay honest to yourself to see beyond the clouds of mass-thinking at the present moment.


“The statement - ‘I have no choice’ - is a lie” – Neale Donald Walsch, Author/Speaker


At Soleil Trinity during this challenging time, we continue to be available (online or through messaging apps,) serving your requirements for consultations in BaZi Astrology, Tarot plus other Divination methods. Prior to the MCO, our consultants were engaged by GUESS to do Tarot Readings for customers at their boutiques in KL while our founder - Jessie Lee – managed to squeeze in a trip to Singapore for Feng Shui & BaZi consultations before imparting priceless concepts of Face Reading in The Art of Face Reading class the following weekend.  Even during the MCO period in March, Jessie broke new ground with exclusive ZOOM sessions offering her views on handling the challenging circumstances, addressing close to 400 viewers with the continuing collaboration with J Group. In her upfront but uplifting presentations, Jessie tapped into her skills with YiJing, understanding of the chakras and psychology to equip participants with strategies in not just handling, but actually overcoming the present circumstances & charging ahead instead of succumbing to the atmosphere of crippling fear gripping the world. 


“It is not only the virus infection or recession, but it is *depression* that we should be careful of”- Jessie Lee


Speaking of online platforms, we are pleased to make available (via ZOOM) our 5-days BaZi Practitioner Mastery Program on Apr 10,11,12 & 18,19. Stay productive during this period and empower yourself with the incredibly beneficial skill of BaZi Astrology. Better yet, become a practitioner by the end of this course and open up a new source of income as a consultant. Kindly contact us to confirm your spot and join us online!


Meawhile…stay safe, stay strong.


Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu


March 2020

Analyzing, Strategizing & Working Out the Details


“We don’t want to put a band-aid on our problems…we want to get down to the nitty-gritty and do some surgery” – Allan Houston, Basketball Luminary


It’s March 2020!


The official beginning of the Metal Rat year has greeted us against the backdrop of global chaos and disruption; in particular the Covid-19 virus, unpredictable weather phenomena in many parts of the world and political instability - amongst others. In the previous month outlook, we emphasized the crucial of (re)constructing for the better and the long-term. Another key point to keep in mind is the importance of the fire element (ie. Passion etc) in order to make the best of the entire Metal Rat year.


In March, we move on to handling the nitty-gritty…it’s now down to working out details and ironing out the finer points of an overall plan or strategy. It’s a conducive time for deep analysis, for deriving solutions to complex problems or to work out the blueprint for an overall game plan. On top of these activities, for those of us who have recently made major life changes, we can also utilize the month’s energies to develop new routines/schedules that are in line with - and better serve - our new endeavours or paths.  


“I will prepare and some day my chance will come” – Abraham Lincoln


The month’s energies are also conducive for learning and exercising creativity so this will be a good time to focus on self-improvement and learning up knowledge. Take some courses that will equip you with beneficial knowledge or allow you to develop an additional skill that will elevate your value. Additionally, if you’ve been looking for a creative outlet (eg. writing, drawing, playing music etc), now is the time to find one and generally allow yourself to express through artistic outlets. However, be careful not to let these activities degenerate to excessive escapism or to run away from responsibilities.  


The Chinese Solar month for most of March will be that of the Earth Rabbit, running from Mar 5th to Apr 4th. With the Rabbit animal sign forming an “uncivilized punishment” relationship to the Rat, one key aspect to beware of is the exchange of harsh words or generally rude and unbecoming behavior in interpersonal dynamics. In addition, it will be wise to be wary of sexual indiscretion/misconduct – a typical precaution when these 2 “peach blossom” animals signs meet. Do note however that when appropriately channeled, this sexual or creation energy once effectively transmuted can actually result in major breakthroughs or productive developments.

“It is my experience that if a person practices self discovery with intent, they will be successful. Success is an outer sign that (he or she is) channeling energy correctly” – Frederick Lenz, Spiritual Teacher


February, naturally, was a hectic month for us at Soleil Trinity. Fresh from the main part of the Lunar Chinese New Year celebrations, our consultants were immediately back on duty at back-to-back events serving clients like Shell, Sheraton Imperial, MRCB (Astonia & Tria Seputeh), BON Estates, Affin Hwang, Christian Dior, Khoon Hooi, JTI Malaysia, Forefront International, Firstclasse, Paradigm Mall, Havaianas and OSK Property. Our founder – Jessie Lee – was also a special guest at OSK Property’s high-profile Chinese New Year event whilst handling a full schedule of consultations locally, in Singapore and also in Australia.


With the New Year activities finally abating, it’s now time for equipping yourself with metaphysics and divination knowledge that will serve up additional skills in your life. We start off Soleil Trinity’s course year with The Practical Art of Face Reading that will run from Mar 14-16. This class is suitable for those wanting a foundation towards becoming Face Reading experts and best of all, students will be practitioners by the end of the course. As it is a practical-based class, the course will instantly give anyone an upper hand in managing interpersonal communication dynamics.


Following that, our Tarot: Your Personal Tool for Life course will run the following weekend from Mar 21-23. This course will cover all the key fundamentals for your journey into the amazing world of Tarot! Come attend and be equipped with the skills to perform practical readings - become a Tarot Practitioner by the end of the course. Keep in mnd that both this course and The Practical Art of Face Reading could lead to opportunities for part-time/supplementary income via Face or Tarot Readings as well. 


Additionally, Kong Eu (yours truly) will reprise his Annual Assessment Workshop on Saturday, Mar 28 from 2-6pm. This workshop is for Bazi practitioners to revisit key Bazi fundamentals and more importantly, accurately assess the impact of the annual energies to any chart.


Do contact us to book a spot in these classes or workshop and also for inquiries.


Happy March !


Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu


February 2020

Welcoming Spring in the Year of the Metal Rat: Keeping the Fire Burning


“We have always held on to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


Gong Xi Fa Chai!


We officially enter the Metal Rat year beginning the 1st Day of Spring (Li Chun) on Feb 4, marking the entry into the Solar Chinese New Year. Even though we have been experiencing Metal Rat energies as early as Nov/Dec of 2019, the “Earth” energies will now also fully move into their Metal Rat configurations.  


With the Metal Rat year now in full force, hopefully we’re already aware and aligned with what the year has in store for us personally in terms of opportunity, lessons & challenges (the “Heaven” aspect as can be decoded through Astrology). Through our own empowered perspective with correct focus, clarity and determination (hence maximizing our own “Humankind” effort), we will be in an advantaged position to take on the year. Additionally, tapping into the correct & auspicious annual Feng Shui energies (while mitigating the more negative ones) will provide a potent boost in making what unfolds more geared towards our goals & aspirations for the year.    


The 1st month of the Metal Rat year (ie. Earth Tiger month) begins on Li Chun (Feb 4) and runs through to Mar 4. While all the elemental components are already present in this 1st month to help us achieve our goals and objectives for the year, it is the key ingredient of FIRE that will be necessary for combustion to take place and propel us forward. Fire = passion. Fire = upliftment & hope. Fire = focus and determination. Fire = positivity and optimism. Fire = JOY.


It is getting the fire to ignite and then more importantly - keeping the FIRE burning – that is the key ingredient for the Metal Rat 2020 year. Fortunately for those still seeking their “fire”, the 1st full moon of the year (corresponding to Chap Goh Mei) will provide the opportunity to find what one is truly passionate about & that which brings ultimate joy in life. Naturally, it will take self-awareness and being entirely honest with oneself to make these discoveries.


“To succeed you have to believe in something with such passion that it becomes a reality” – Dame Anita Roddick


Do note that the current month energies are also generally of instability and to some extent, tension. Instability (and sudden, unexpected events) has been the keyword so far of 2020 in general, what with natural disasters, coronavirus & other major issues affecting us all. It’s essentially a process of purification – destroying what does not serve us anymore or in the least reminding us on what truly prevails the test of time & also where our focus may have been misplaced or misdirected in the past. The early months of the Metal Rat year clearly illustrate this but indeed this “mega” energy pattern will be the prevailing and underlying the entire 2020 – once again, pushing us to fully let go of what is holding us back (even individually) and urgently pushing us towards (re)establishing the main structures of life to bring us to the next level of growth and expansion.


The contrast of “push-pull” is also prevalent in the 1st month of the Metal Rat year. While it can manifest as tension or even cause frustration, it is the contrasting yin-yang, feminine-masculine energies that we can positively harness to help us craft our way forward for the year. Some practical examples of this:

  • launching a sales push but with constant monitoring of progress levels (and then adapting the strategy based on feedback)
  • taking into account the need to plan strategically but yet still taking action in achieving goals
  • addressing the needs of both men and women in a product marketing strategy


“Some of the most destructive forces in the world…can also have the power of beauty” – Martin R. Lernieux, Rare Disease Ambassador


This past January was a hectic month for us at Soleil Trinity – to say the least. Filled with main activities of the official welcoming of the Metal Rat year, the highlight was our key annual Feng Shui & Astrology series of talks, first in KL & two weeks later in beautiful KK, Sabah. Our KL events were both fun-filled & energetically auspicious affairs – with an over-capacity crowd for the Cantonese event! Meanwhile, our Kota Kinabalu event was a unique event taking place in the main foyer of Suria Sabah mall, along with a beautifully-decorated stage - providing an auspicious backdrop for the talk and many amazing pictures! In addition to herself owning the stage at our talks, our founder- Jessie Lee – was also engaged to present her Metal Rat outlook at YOU City @ Cheras, KL and The Cove, Ipoh, Perak; all on top of exclusive international consultations in Hong Kong & Phuket, Thailand. It’s also been peak New Year season where our consultants have been in high-demand; being kept busy with engagements with an illustrious list of clients – Christian Dior, NARS Cosmetics, Mont Blanc, EcoWorld, OSK Property, Affin Hwang Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Aeon, Paradigm Mall, GE Mall, Sanctuary Mall, Pin Prestige, Icon, Schroders, ODV La Cure Facial, Cle De Peau Beaute and M&M+ Aesthetic Clinic.


With the official welcoming of Spring (Li Chun) marking a 100% charge forward into the Metal Rat Year, if you’ve not already obtained your personal consultation, it is really the time to finally get that done in order to effectively “capture” the Metal Rat to “escape the Rat race”. We are pleased to offer different tiers of consultations – from those by our founder, senior consultants & also packages aimed for you to maximize the various methodologies of astrology, feng shui, divination etc. Do contact us for further details, information & to make your booking.


Happy Metal Rat Year !


Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu



January 2020

Hello 2020: Starting out Mindfully, But Readier Than Ever!


“Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Writer


Happy New Year…It’s 2020!


With a blink of an eye under the influence of the fast-moving water energy of the season (and especially in the annual Boar and Rat), we’ve arrived into the new year. And what a new year it will be…heralding a brand new time period in many significant areas of life for all of us. Although technically the new decade commences only from the following year, the change of the 3rd numeral from “1” to “2” carries with it a vibrational feel of a new “decade”, a different time period and indeed, a whole new phase.


The new Gregorian year welcomes us under the influence of Dec 26’s New Moon Solar Eclipse and it’s corresponding Lunar Eclipse on Jan 10/11, giving us valuable space for intense awareness and realization. While it may seem on paper an odd thing to do (reflecting inward when the year’s just begun), we have the incredible opportunity to ground our footing into 2020 with the valuable lessons of what has transpired in our lives. Before setting-off  full blast with 2020, reflect of what has passed. Overall, look into recurring trends from the ENTIRE PAST DECADE. Have you transcended patterns of thinking or behavior that resulted in less than stellar results in your life, whether personal or professional? What have been the KEY lessons? What have your experiences shown you? What have been the significant realisations of what you really value in life? Is how you’ve chosen to portray yourself, in your career or in your key relationships aligned with your authentic self and core values?


A main area for contemplation will be the ways we have been limiting ourselves due early childhood conditioning. So many of us spend our adult years subconsciously chasing unfulfilled desires or “making-up for lost (childhood) time” that fulfilling these become the driver of our goals and attainments until the extent we could have lost the true internal compass of our authentic selves. It is in the issues pertaining to sustenance, care/attention and security in early life that have led to us making decisions, choosing paths or taking action that may have not been in the interest of our spiritual growth or restricted our real capabilities from truly unfolding. Let these issues fully go (or remind yourself to whenever their remnants nibble at your psyche) and you’ll be ready to scurry forward in the year of the Metal Rat!  


“Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned” – Frank Sonnenberg, Business/Thought Leader


Speaking of which…Welcome to the Metal Rat Year! Even though the official 1st day of the Metal Rat is on Li Chun aka Feb 4th, we have already greeted the dynamism of the Rat as early as the Winter Solstice. With the overall dampening of the fire energies in the year, it is important to stay passionate and to keep reminding yourself where your passions lie. 2ndly but just as importantly in your annual strategy, is the need to be mindful of sustainable growth and continuous learning in maintaining your drive and passion in your professional and personal endeavours. It is this latter concept that the Fire Ox month (Jan 6 – Feb 3) will additionally serve to remind us – this being timely as we kick-off 2020!


Overall, a good strategy for growth will be to expand one’s reach, step-by-step. Remember also that in life, the ultimate JOY comes by helping and caring for others. It is also in helping others that we help ourselves – so focus on how you can be of (better) service to your clients, suppliers and counterparts in your life – and as long as your career and business goals have been clearly aligned to where your joy and passion lie, you should be well afoot towards embracing the 2020 and the Metal Rat Year. 


“…all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy” – Mahatma Gandhi


Meanwhile, for us at Soleil Trinity, it has been an inescapable mix of year-end must-dos, corporate/personal engagements, holidays and a tremendously busy time with all things related to the kick-start to the Metal Rat Year. Our annual Feng Shui & Astrology series of talks began with a successful Tawau, Sabah event on Sunday, Dec 15 featuring our always-on-the-move founder, Jessie Lee. The whirlwind of finalizing the organization of the KL talks & Chinese New Year bazaar for January has been alongside the release of her forecasts recorded with various media partners like ONEfm and CHAPTERS, all on top of a packed schedule of personal consultations. Our consultants were also kept busy with engagements with corporate clients such as AEON, PUMA, Christian Dior, BCBGMaxAzria & Chow Kit Hotel.


With the start of 2020, our Feng Shui & Astrology Talk series filled with important forecasts, updates and valuable information in order to “escape the Rat race” kicks into high-gear with the KL talks @ Wisma Bentley on Saturday, Jan 4 (English) & Sunday, Jan 5 (Cantonese). Please do contact us for last-minute tickets if you haven’t gotten them. We will also be having event-only promotions on various courses & consultations so hope to see you there!


Meanwhile, our Kota Kinabalu, Sabah event @ Suria Sabah will be on Saturday, Jan 18. For your complimentary, first-come-first-serve tickets to this, please do get in touch with us ASAP.


Lastly, our consultants are always ready to accommodate a private appointment (or two!) to help guide your questions and concerns using BaZi astrology, Tea Leaves reading, Tarot Cards and other methods. Do contact us to make your booking.


Happy 2020!


Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu  



December 2019

Finishing Strong with a Renewed Purpose.


“If you’re brave enough to start, you’re strong enough to finish.” – Gary Ryan Blair, Trainer


2019 comes to a wrap with a burst of extra positivity as we traverse to the end of the year. December, in particular the 1st week, is enthusiasm at its best with an injection of optimism, energetic strides & a bold, forward march! And it isn't just blind optimism – the beginning of the month blesses us with focused energy that can propel one towards the completion of goals and attainments in key areas of life. The pieces finally fit, especially in the coming together of tenets such as self-value and worth aligning with the overall main aspects of day-to-day life, goals and purpose. Once again, we find this extra boost of energy more supportive to those among us that have undergone a profound renewal and grasped the major changes in life structure by the horns – but those among us who have not however, may encounter sudden disruptions, unexpected changes in plans and an overall instability.


“I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, Writer


Besides a sky full of energy-boosting planetary alignments even from late November’s new moon, we are also showered by the blessings of sunrays (Yang/Bing fire) as the 2nd last month of the current Chinese Solar Calendar (Fire Rat month) begins on Dec 7. In addition, the good news is that even for those slightly late to the game – besides clarity finally coming to the fore - the first part of December continues to give support to those undergoing deep, profound (but absolutely essential) changes in order to rise up to the next level of life growth. The mid-month energies, meanwhile, are useful for the communication of important information and having serious conversations. This period can be utilized productively should you have major announcements to make, wrap-up meetings to hold or year-end evaluations to complete.


With the year end’s seasons greetings (including the winter solstice) and holidays coinciding with this final burst of expansive energies of the month, we can celebrate December with a bigger bang, more joy and merriment!  On another note, as December is a Rat month itself, we will find the full gears of Metal Rat year kicking in from the Winter Solstice (Dec 22) onwards - after all, the fast-moving water transition has started flowing in even from last month. As such, once the key thanksgiving celebrations (e.g. Winter Solstice festival) and main Christmas parties are over, it is quickly back to business for many – as early as even prior to the Gregorian New Year for some…especially since the year culminates also with a supportive Solar Eclipse during the New Moon on December 26.


“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar, Motivator


For us at Soleil Trinity, it is a busy-busy time with our annual Feng Shui & Astrology series of talks kicking off in mid-December with the TAWAU, Sabah event on Sunday, Dec 15.  Our founder – Jessie Lee – experienced a full schedule in November, helming The First Step into Four Pillars Bazi Astrology programme in the 1st two weekends, followed by yet another engagement with Tiffany & Co, Singapore and then a special reprise of “The ‘HEART’ Truth” Health Talk (with partner J Group) on Saturday, Nov 23. She has also been kept busy with various recordings of 2020 Metal Rat forecasts  - all on top of a back-to-back schedule of personal consultations. Yours truly (Kong Eu) debuted an inaugural Bazi Workshop tutorial aimed at getting practitioners ready for annual readings ; while our other consultants also continue to be in high demand as usual - especially this time of the year - with an extension at the Genting Starlight Carnival and engagements with Shiseido, Monsoon-ID, Co-labs & History of Whoo Lipstick.


Sure you’re ready for 2020? If not, it’s really, really time for your personal annual BaZi forecast. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our consultants. Note that our consultants are also available (by appointment) for readings using other tools eg. Tarot, Tea Leaves, Face Reading etc. to get you as prepared as possible for the Metal Rat race!


Our 2020 Feng Shui & Astrology Talk series where Jessie Lee will present important forecasts, updates and valuable information in order to “escape the Rat race” kicks-off with the Tawau, Sabah event @ Borneo Royale Hotel (formerly known as Promenade Hotel) on Sunday, Dec 15. Kindly note that this event is fully-sponsored as is our Kota Kinabalu, Sabah event @ Suria Sabah on Saturday, Jan 18. For complimentary, first-come-first-serve tickets to either event, please do get in touch with us ASAP.


Meanwhile our KL talks @ Wisma Bentley are on Saturday, Jan 4 (English) & Sunday, Jan 5 (Cantonese).  Do contact us to purchase tickets if you haven’t yet gotten them.

Finish strong…for 2019!


Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu



November 2019

Own Up, Express & Reinvent Yourself.


We enter the last full, active month of 2019 and really, the last “effective” month of the Boar year in November. Even though the new Chinese solar calendar year starts only officially on “Li Chun” day (February 4th, 2020), the Metal Rat year will get an early head-start next month, in the month of the Rat. With water being the main element in both the Boar and Rat signs, not only will we experience a fast transition into the new year, but in actuality, energies have already started to mix. Indeed, the Rat influence will continue to grow substantially throughout November and will be significantly present by December. On the other hand, the Boar isn’t ready to exit yet; as it’s certainly going to bask in all the glory of its own month, exiting with a bang  - November being the month of the Wood Boar itself!


“If you don't deal with your demons, they will deal with you, and it’s gonna hurt.” – Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue


It is ironic, that as we are thrown into the necessity of completing projects, meeting targets and deadlines & pushing through plans by year end, the dominant energies this month continue to urgently push us to really work out the kinks (literally & figuratively) in the deepest, most recessive layers of our psyches. November continues to encourage us to speak up or articulate ourselves in conversation. Issues arise in the context of our personal responsibilities  and accountability in our day-to-day living (eg. in money & finances) – particularly in relation to ingrained & stuck behavior patterns affecting partnerships or committed relationships. This shake-up will allow us to look deeper into what type of crucial changes are still being withheld or hampered due to core fears that remain un-confronted and hence, unreleased.


While we often can feel or have a sense of what particular deep-seated issues still cause us discomfort or pain (or worst still - avoidance), articulating them clearly is another matter. This is where November’s energies will push us; allowing us to better express and articulate these issues. It is in conversations, expression & purposeful discussion that can really help us resolve the deepest, most-hidden issues; so that once resolved, the ready & empowered amongst us can head into next year in our truest, most authentic energy template for all the exciting new major constructs ahead in 2020.


“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours.” – Buddha


As to WHO will be most affected… naturally, it will be those with the Boar animal sign in the BaZi chart. If you have a Boar (or more) in your BaZi chart - while you can expect an emotionally trying month – you should use this opportunity to examine & address what your emotions (particularly feelings of regret & lack of gratitude) are pointing towards. Do rejoice, as the month provides the amazing opportunity for incredible transformation in terms of a different mindset/way at looking at things or the realization to no longer behave and act in a way that will end in confusion or regret.  Do take note to avoid the blame mentality at all costs; instead take ownership of the prior decisions made and action taken (or not taken) – and come to terms with these.


It is a challenging and stressful time for interpersonal relationships but also a tremendous opportunity for growth if any arising conflict can be broken down, understood and resolved. Impatience or argumentativeness will reign & tempers will flare –so do be careful not to let these negativities overwhelm and get the better of you. Remember, this is really the universe giving all of us a tremendous opportunity for full-out transformation to greet the next phase of life. As such, please grasp November by its horns!


“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.” – William James, Philosopher


On a side note, November is also a good time to take a look into issues with your physical body & health. It is a good time to look to exploring new health regimes, to go for a medical check up & also to address any ailment(s) that you’ve been experiencing signs or symptoms of.  Go consult a qualified health physician as this is a good month to get a diagnosis, clarity and more information on your personal health issue(s).   


You may have noticed that we at Soleil Trinity have also kick-started the Metal Rat 2020 year mechanics with a bang! Our animal sign forecasts are already up on Facebook (via postings and an elaborate FB Live session) and all attention is now focused on getting set for the Metal Rat year. After intense research & presenting the animal sign forecasts, our founder – Jessie Lee – spent the majority of October rejuvenating and recharging with a spiritual retreat in the land of ancient pharaohs and gods/goddesses, Egypt. Our consultants have been in high demand throughout October, with a 3-week residency at the Genting Starlight Carnival & a Halloween special at GE Mall KL, amongst other engagements. Meanwhile, do keep watch on our social media pages and stay tuned for much more to come as we get you set for the Metal Rat 2020 year!


Our last scheduled class for 2019 is The First Step into Four Pillars happening on Nov 2,3,4 & Nov 9,10. If you’d like to train to be a BaZi practitioner (and can register in time), this is the class for you!


For those with BaZi background, we are pleased to announce a Annual Assessment Workshop that will be held on Saturday, Nov 23 from 2 – 5:30pm. Yours truly - Kong Eu - will be presenting this workshop for practitioners to revisit key BaZi fundamentals and importantly, to accurately assess the impact of the Metal Rat to any BaZi chart. [The workshop is offered at a introductory promo of only Rm198 (full price Rm338).] Contact us to book a spot now!  


Meanwhile, it’s really time to get set for 2020 with your personal annual BaZi forecast by scheduling an appointment with our consultants. Note that our consultants are also available (by appointment) for readings using other tools eg. Tarot, Tea Leaves, Face Reading etc.


Early-bird tickets are still available for our 2020 Feng Shui & Astrology Talk @ Wisma Bentley on Saturday, Jan 4 & Sunday, Jan 5. Make sure to join Jessie Lee for a full day of important forecasts, updates and valuable information in order to “escape the Rat race”. Get your tickets now to enjoy our early bird price of just RM88 per ticket.[special student price of 2 tickets for the price of one @ RM 128]



October 2019

Conversations from the Heart.


 “Everything is Negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.” – Carrie Fisher (of ‘Star Wars’ fame)


We begin the month of October with the lingering emotion-laden feel from the 2nd half of September onwards. All these intensified feelings due to heightened metal/water energies of the Water Rooster moon plus the effects of the supermoon (where the moon is generally orbiting closer to Earth during the new or full moon) all throughout September, and through to the 2nd New Moon on Sept 28. The combination of the emotional power of the supermoons and strength of the water element being supported and encapsulating the metallic core of the autumn season, it has indeed been a rollercoaster of emotions for many of us. Looking from a positive and empowering perspective however, these conditions have allowed for immense, deeper and greater soul-searching. 


Additionally, the beginning of the new lunar cycle with the new moon just a few days from the start of October brings together a convergence of energies in a negotiation-like setting. We can see this akin to a discussion-dance of sorts between multiple parties –each defining who they are and what they stand for while redefining their goals & objectives as they march forth into the last months of 2019. The challenge is in staying strong, not in so much as staying stubborn, but in not taking the easy way out and simply running away when the going has gotten tough. However, with this current mix of energies, do not be surprised if you encounter not only heated exchanges or outbursts, but even parties exiting from commitments, partnerships or deals.


It’s really is time for major discussions in any serious relationships, whether interpersonal, work or business related. With the deep-seated issues that emotional triggers can unearth, the energies inevitably pull us into a discussion on any outstanding issues, a re-clarifying on personal objectives and ideally, a road map for future action and plans. On the interpersonal basis, the anchor of discussion is centered along issues of self-worth, self-acceptance & taking ownership and responsibility; the challenge is in resolving their effects on the relationship dynamics between any two parties. Communication is the strong focus – so make sure to use the early part of October to really work out any fundamental or outstanding issues that need to be resolved, alongside the necessary changes or transformation required.


“Relationships are a constant negotiation and balance” – Claire Danes, Actress


Luckily for the go-getters amongst us, the rest of October does not dwell on the early month, more “yin” aspects of life ie. feelings, communication and discussion on relationships. The energies of the full Moon on Oct 13 onwards in combination with the energies of the Wood Dog month (which begins officially on Oct 8) make this is THE period to really charge ahead with last 2 active months of 2019. For this time remains our last chance at boldly going forth, meeting targets or deadlines and actively pursuing growth & expansion plans for this year. Once again, as the main theme prevalent through the growth energies of the current Earth Boar year, the energies favour those of us who have done the necessary work of self-acceptance, having redefined our roles and responsibilities in the context of the people around us, the work that we do & the energy that we share with the world at large.


Meanwhile speaking of work, at Soleil Trinity we have begun preparations for the upcoming Metal Rat 2020 year, just barely having just wrapped up “The Heart Truth” being our successful event on heart/related health issues. Stay tuned on Facebook for initial 2020 astrology forecasts out soon. Do note that our 2020 Feng Shui & Astrology Talks are set for Sat, Jan 4 (English) and Sat, Jan 5 (Cantonese). As for our founder - Jessie Lee - fresh from “The Heart Truth” on Sept 14, she has remained busy for the rest of September; appearing as guest speaker at SHEDA (Sarawak Housing and Real Estate Developers’ Association) PROPERTY EXPO in Kuching on Sept 22 and then heading off to Singapore for a special Tarot for Beginners class the last weekend of September.  


“The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill


Our last scheduled class for the year is The First Step into Four Pillars happening on Nov 2,3,4 & Nov 9,10. If you’d like to train to be a BaZi practitioner, this is your last chance to join this intake!


Beat the New Year rush & get updated with ample time to plan 2020 with your personal annual BaZi forecast by scheduling an appointment with our consultants. Our consultants are also available (by appointment) for readings using other tools eg. Tarot, Tea Leaves, Face Reading etc. Contact us to make a booking.


And do purchase your early-bird tickets now for our 2020 Feng Shui & Astrology Talk  @ Wisma Bentley on Saturday, Jan 4 & Sunday, Jan 5. Join Jessie Lee for a full day of important forecasts, updates and valuable information in order to “escape the Rat race” next year! Get your tickets now to enjoy our early bird price (until…) of just RM88 per ticket.

October 2019…Go go go!


Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu  




September 2019

Practice is Everything

“Hustle. Grind. Integrity” – Stephanie Lahart, Author


From a month of travel, disruptions to routine (plus an ironic combo of both - travel disruptions!) & heightened activity we move on to September 2019, where we put our nose-to-the-grind, work out those kinks and sort out the details in our grand plans & aspirations as we gear up to make the most of the rest of 2019. Being solidly in the season of the metal element with execution being the key word, this is also a month highlighting PRACTICE and DRILLS. While we need to be aware of staying stuck within endless routine and risking stagnation, there is great value in the tedious wash-rinse-repeat action of PRACTICE in developing expertise in whatsoever field that we choose to focus in.


The new moon on August 30 also signifies another auspicious new beginning – the start of the new Islamic calendar year. Alongside a heightened “supermoon” (where the moon is generally closer to Earth), this combination gives us an extra boost in our efforts to make the most of the what 2019 has left for us – especially since we’ll be left with < 3 months before the major year-end holiday “feel” dominates our psyche and mood. Speaking of holidays, in Malaysia we ring in 3 X 3-day weekends (for most of the country)…all within the month of September 2019! And that’s not including the celebratory Mid-Autumn festival (signifying the auspicious culmination of the year’s autumn “harvest”) that falls on Friday, Sept 13.


The concept of duality, however, is exemplified in the energies of September. While the prevailing energy is conducive particularly for working out the nitty-gritty, following through from ideas previously initiated and also for drills, also strongly indicated are the energies of luxurious indulgence, particularly in the 2nd half of the month – nicely timed with the Mid-Autumn festivities! However, while a certain degree of celebration/partying and appeasement of our desires (like our gastronomic palate and sexuality) are healthy or good forms of de-stress, it’s important to guard against excess and hence, waste of energy.


A good idea is to transmute the lure of negative inclinations into positive expressions of focused creativity, expression and also in learning/refining a skill. Indeed, academic endeavours and activities are highly advisable this month - so if you’ve been wanting to pick-up a new skill or refine an existing one, this is the month to do so. Similarly, if you’ve been wanting to sign-up for a short-term course or study, now’s the time (check below for our course offerings at Soleil Trinity).


A major trap to avoid this month is perfectionism. Watch out for OCD tendencies or unrealistic expectations when it come to reports, submitted work or artistic creations. A perfectionistic attitude or overly high expectations not only results in diminished productivity and physical/mental stress, but often also strained interpersonal relationships.         


With these in mind, we at Soleil Trinity are in the midst of solidifying our remaining plans for the rest of 2019. Talking about luxury; our founder - Jessie Lee - will continue her round of exclusive engagements with Tifanny & Co. in both KL and Singapore this month as our consultants remain busy with their ongoing engagements with event clients (including another bling-bling engagement with jeweler Tomei) & also with private consultations. So yes, it’s super-busy here at Soleil Trinity especially as we put on the final touches to the details & preparations for The ‘HEART’ Truth - “The Greatest Wealth of All” Health Talk  @ Wisma Bentley on Saturday, Sept 14. The event highlights & gives a valuable headstart into the key health issues expected for this year and the upcoming Metal Rat 2020 year. If you haven’t already, do contact us for tickets & come dressed in BRIGHT RED in support of the talk!


“Practice Is Everything (often misquoted as ‘Practise Makes Perfect’)” –Periander


Want to finally get trained in our technical specializations? We have 2 key courses remaining for 2019:

  • Our intensive Bazi class (The First Step into Four Pillars) designed to develop practitioners is happening in KL on Nov 2,3,4 & Nov 9,10. Book yourself a spot in class!
  • Our Tarot for Beginners class in Singapore is happening September 27, 28 & 29. So if you’re located in Singapore or due for a trip to the Lion City, this is the class for you!


Meanwhile, any time is pretty much a good time for a thorough BaZi consultation to get empowered and steer your own destiny. Our team of consultants are also available for sessions on tarot or another divinative tool of your choice. Contact us for more info & to make bookings.

September 2019; time for honing expertise while learning for expansion & growth.


Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu   



August 2019

Phoenix Rising or Sparrow Foraging? 


“I’m Phoenix. If I die it’s only to be reborn – better and brighter than ever before.” – Chris Claremont in Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn


We emerge from a few months of heaviness and intensity that cut across some major aspects of our lives due to the universe’ calling of attention towards areas that revolve, trap and have locked us into a spiritual plateau. The past few months of intense astrological alignments have opened up an immense opportunity to question our long-standing behaviours/habits, lifestyle choices and commitment towards our goals and objectives that - while may have served us for years - have lost their significance and meaning. For many of us, signs and events have forced us to really re-evaluate our career or vocation and in essence how we structure and lead our daily lives.


All this energy; being in sharp contrast to the middle-of-the-year active fiery energy of “summer”, has really made these past few months truly unique. On a practical basis, we have felt challenged in terms of forward momentum in the day-to-day aspects of meeting targets and deliverables. However, it’s also been a valuable time for reassessment or fine-tuning of strategy and plans. It’s either that we've been made to slow down or we've been pulled into other areas of life that have called us to improve on or even implement drastic but necessary changes.


If you’ve made a change or significant adjustment to a key aspect of your life, then congratulations! August (and the Ren Shen solar month beginning Aug 8) will be a month that your new goals, endeavours and overall direction can set afoot and similarly, if you’ve already initiated changes or plans earlier in the year, then these can finally resume to grow or expand. Even you have not or are STILL in the process of re-alignment or even further back at the same-old-same-old, then yes, you too can expect forward movement –albeit on a more mundane level like birds out foraging on a brand new day. Whatever it is, the Ren Shen month is one of movement, travel and propulsion – a significantly different energy after a period of introspection and fundamental trials and tribulations.  


We at Soleil Trinity, too, have been getting busy since the past few weeks, Our founder Jessie’s  work schedule continues to be busy-busy including stopovers to Singapore (at which I also had the chance to exercise my consultation skills) and Australia where Jessie also had the opportunity of sharing priceless BaZi knowledge with a group in Melbourne. Our other consultants are also currently busy with a line-up of events, including a weekend residency all this month at the Tiffin Food Court @ The Gasket Alley, Petaling Jaya.  Besides these, preparations are underway for our major 2nd half-year public event focusing on the real wealth of our physical existence- HEALTH (see details below). For this month, do be prepared for things to be in such a contrast to the heaviness of the recent past; so much so, all this sudden activity can lead to exhaustion, especially when fire energies start to wane from the 2nd half of August. Take care of yourself and make sure to schedule in appropriate rest.  


“Let us not settle for what is simply “OK” when we have full information on what can create lasting change” – Rinku Sen


With energies turning outward again, get ahead for the rest of 2019 with a thorough BaZi consultation to stay updated and empowered to maximize the rest of the year - make a booking now. Feeling it’s time to finally get trained in BaZi? Then book yourself a seat for our upcoming BaZi class  (The First Step into Four Pillars) happening on Nov 2,3,4 & Nov 9,10.


Meanwhile, specially for our friends in Singapore (or those due for a trip to the island state), we are pleased to offer a Tarot for Beginners class happening September 27, 28 & 29. Do message to book a spot in class or for more info.


Get your tickets now for The ‘HEART’ Truth - our 2019 “The Greatest Wealth of All” Health Talk  @ Wisma Bentley on Saturday, Sept 14. Join Jessie for a full day of important information to brace for the biggest health issue for next year…the heart & related physical aspects. Come dressed in the theme colour of “Bright Red” and get your tickets now to enjoy our early bird price (until September 4) of just RM88 per ticket!


August 2019…Go forth!


Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu