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“If I had to use one word to describe the impact metaphysics has had on my life, it would be – amazing! And the best advice I could give skeptics is ‘don’t knock it til you’ve tried it’!” 
– Mraz Oh Chee Wei


Mraz Oh Chee Wei may not realise it but he’s a walking testimonial of faith when it comes to the art of Tarot and Bazi. His story is interesting because what business does a Managing Director of a freight company (with 16 years of experience too!) doing in metaphysics you ask? In the years of running his own show, never once did it cross his mind to seek out a solution that could help cut through the cloud of his troubled emotions and obstacles in life.


Cutting to the chase, his encounter with Tarot reading, Chinese Astrology Life Analysis, Bazi (all fields of which are now his areas of expertise), have registered an impact so strong that he’s dedicated time to nurture them as his newfound passions. Being a certified Tarot and Bazi consultant hits closer to home because he has first-hand experience of how they have the power to change lives (as they did his own) simply by providing fresh and clear perspectives, something he is determined to introduce and share with others who are in need of a little guidance in life.