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Private Events & Public Speaking Engagements

Private Events & Public Speaking Engagem

Destiny consultations are always incredibly popular and fun one-to-one edutainment for parties, corporate events, hen’s nights and exhibition events. Engaging Destiny Consultants at your event is a great way to break the ice among guests. Everyone loves to know more about themselves and queues of intrigued and hopeful clients form very quickly.

Public speaking engagements are excellent opportunities for corporate organizations to share informational experience on Chinese Metaphysics to their clients, employees or team members. Jessie Lee is a professionally trained and qualified consultant in Chinese Metaphysics with over 16 years of diverse experience in these fields. Jessie has a strong following of international audience and overseas students from countries such as Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, London, Australia and the United States of America. Participants find Jessie’s knowledge and speaking manner inspiring, relatable and easy to understand. She also customizes programs to fit your group’s needs, interests and availability.  


Private Consultation Available

Call +6012-9089914 / +603-74944884 or email for further information.

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