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Oracle card

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 Awakening Oracle Card


To truly understand yourself for who you are, you need to be willing to see and accept your hidden nature, or your “dark side”. Not to be alarmed though as “dark side” here doesn’t mean something evil or anything cultish. In fact, your dark side can actually represent your growth potential as the author believes that only through darkness that a person will mature and grow. Darkness is part of the growing process – it’s just a matter of understanding and accepting this ‘dark side’ as part of who we are and grow from it. It’s upon self-acceptance that you will be naturally happier, living harmoniously together.


This set of Oracle Cards will serve to provide a reliable platform on which a person can get in touch with his or her “dark side’. Undeniably, getting in touch and understanding one’s dark side is a very important process yet it is also challenging. However, the more you resist, the more your darker nature will persist and grow.


This Oracle Card deck includes 48 beautifully illustrated cards, a guidebook for expanded explanations of each card’s meaning and a mysterious Crystal. Use this deck of cards as a tool to understand your inner soul, to expand on your strength and minimize your weakness, to heal your soul and to open the door that allows you to explore further and deeper into knowing who you really are.