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Tarot Card Consultation


Tarot takes you on a journey of self-discovery; a ‘window’ for you to take a sneak peek into what’s coming, may it be about your thoughts or aspirations through deep self-reflection. Think of the Tarot as the art of communicating with our inner selves – our subconscious minds if you will – and letting them project their interpretations through proper readings.

The Tarot is especially effective when you find yourself at the crossroads of a relationship, career, finance, health or life conundrum and need a little help with solving the ‘where do I go from here’ dilemma. Tarot however, will not give you the direct word-for-word answers you seek, what it seeks to do is provide a better understanding and clarity of your current situation so you can very clearly and confidently make better life decisions. 


Private Consultation Available

Call +6012-9089914 / +603-74944884 or email for further information.

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