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Soleil Trinity Resource is a consultancy firm and academy in Malaysia that combines the science of Chinese Metaphysics with Western divination practices to reveal the codes of energy and living for an improved quality of life, personal empowerment and prosperity.

We also offer the following professional services:

Tarot Card Consultations, Feng Shui & Bazi Assessments, Palm & Face Reading, Yi Jing Reading, Auspicious Date Selections and Tasseography.

Spearheaded by founder, Jessie Lee, Soleil Trinity Resource offers professional guidance and more importantly, solutions – to individuals, partners and businesses. From increasing business revenue to uncovering the path to personal happiness, elevating career success or resolving interpersonal conflicts, we are able to carefully curate solutions for different needs.




We also encourage individuals to learn and apply these core skills by offering courses in Feng Shui, Tarot, Chinese Astrology, Face Reading, Palmistry, Body Language and Tea/Coffee Reading. The academy’s classes are well received by a wide following of students from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, China and Australia. 



Jessie and her team of fully-trained consultants are also actively sharing knowledge and creating awareness of Tarot, Chinese Metaphysics and other practices by way of corporate talks, public events and special functions such as roadshows, official launches, gala dinners and more. In addition, the firm also trains staff and management of prominent businesses and brands across Malaysia to improve productivity, increase sales and elevate customer relationships.


In October 2013, Soleil Trinity Resource made it into The Malaysia Book of Records for the largest Tarot Reading participation in Malaysia, making us the largest Tarot Reading force in Malaysia with a rapidly expanding worldwide presence. Soleil Trinity Resource is also the first firm of its kind to offer a specialized course targeted at women called WOWW (Women of Worth & Wellness Workshop) designed to help women discover their innate power, overcome obstacles and lead better lives.   

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